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Nancy Latta latta at
Fri Mar 12 16:23:14 PST 2004

  Dear Fellow STS Etchers,

I have finally had a chance to look over both the results of the Feb 
survey and data about the usage of the tool for Dec 03, Jan 04 and Feb 
04. Please see the attached. Based on your input and the data I’d like 
to propose a policy change.

First though, I need to explain a little about where we are. I have 
heard your complaints loud and clear. I don’t think anyone is happy with 
the situation the way it stands right now. The changes that were made to 
the coral system are here to stay at least until the new reservation 
system is rolled out. It is serving the raith community very well and my 
hope is that we can make a few ‘tweaks’ to our present policy to make it 
fairer for all of us.

Philosophically, I am a strong believer that few rules and restrictions 
are better. I’d like to propose that we limit a single reservation to 
four hours. The attached table suggests that between 65% and 72% of 
sessions are of four hours or less duration.

I’d further like to propose that labmembers working on the same project 
(account) not make consecutive reservations. Hopefully, this will 
address the issue of groups ‘ganging up’ to get stsetch time.

Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone to remove reservations as soon as 
you know you will not be able to use them and to notify the community 
via the stsetch at snf <mailto:stsetch at snf> mail list. It is only fair to 
other users.

I’d like to implement these changes starting Wed March 24. I will 
monitor the reservations and remove any over four hours long. I will 
also continue to reserve a block of time for either training or to give 
away. I will limit that time to three hours, and we’ll evaluate whether 
or not to continue it after some time has past with the proposed policy.

As always, I look forward to your comments.


Nancy Latta
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Bldg, 145
420 Via Palou Mall
Stanford, CA, 94305 - 4070 
(650) 725-6727
Fax (650) 725-6278

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