STS Etchers

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Oct 3 10:50:44 PDT 2006


Trevor from STS is asking for users to run the system.  He wants to 
see the equipment ran as many hours as possible while he is still in 
the area (he departs on Thursday).  Right now he is running dummy 
wafers trying to accumulate time on the systems.  If you have wafers 
to run, please feel free to get on the system.  Trevor will happily 
move aside so you can run your wafers.

Outside of the SOI template on STSetch2 all the process etches look 
good.  We are seeing occasional tuning problems on the SOI 
template.  The tuning problem is what he is trying to understand.  It 
does not damage your wafer, but my give you a slower etch rate.



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