Reservations Policy

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Feb 15 16:37:54 PST 2007

Hi everyone --

There appears to be some confusion about the reservations policy on the 
stsetch system.  Right now, as I understand it, the policy on Coral is:
- reservations can be made only up to four days/96 hours in advance
- the length of the reservation is limited to a maximum of four hours, 
prime time or not (so includes evenings and weekends)
- only the starting time of the reservation need be within the 96 hour 

Other general lab policies which are not explicitly governed by Coral, 
but by mutual courtesy:
- 15 minute rule.  A reservation is honored up to 15 minutes past the 
starting time.  After that, someone else may use the reservation time.
- if you cannot use your reservation, cancel as soon as possible to free 
up this time, and notify users on this list.  No shows are bad form.
- no "ganging" up for reservations.  Although we don't strictly enforce 
the rule, if you make the reservation, you should use the tool.  It is 
very bad form to make reservations you do not intend to use, solely for 
the purpose of circumventing the reservation limits on Coral.  This 
includes "tranferring" reservations.
- do not enable or disable tools remotely

I would certainly prefer to have as few rules as possible, and count on 
everyone behaving in a courteous and professional manner to work out any 
differences.  However, when utilization reaches a critical level, access 
becomes a lot more difficult.  We appreciate your feedback and 
suggestions for improving the situation - but for now, just want to 
reaffirm the current policies.


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
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