New Stand-By Procedure

Nancy Latta nlatta at
Fri Aug 15 11:54:23 PDT 2008

Dear STS Etchers,

The recent problems with the chamber isolation valve leak has given us 
to opportunity to review our standard operating procedure with regard to 
the stand-by or idle mode.  In the past we have left the loadlock vented.

 From now on users of the tool should leave the loadlock under vacuum 
after completing their runs.  This will help in decreasing wear and tear 
on the turbo pump.  It also is consistent with the procedures at stsetch2.

In order to leave the loadlock under vacuum after your work is 
completed  you will need to load  a 'fake' or 'phantom' wafer.  You 
simply  click on the LOAD button.  The software will falsely indicate a 
wafer is on the chuck.

When you approach the etcher to begin etching you will need to UNLOAD 
this fake wafer and VENT the loadlock.

This message will be posted in the coral comments for stsetch and new 
operating instructions will be placed into the logbook.  Unfortunately, 
the website will continue to show the old operating instructions.  I 
have attached a copy of the new instructions to this message.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. And thanks for 
your attention.

Team Etch
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