Nancy Latta nlatta at
Thu Nov 20 16:57:51 PST 2008


As you have noticed, the reservations for the tool are crazy! 

In an effort to equalize the ability to get a reservation I have taken 
the 3:00-7:00 am or 2:00-6:00 am from Tue 25 Nov until the shutdown on 
17 Dec.  I intend to give this time away.  I picked this time slot 
because, in looking at history in coral, it is the time most often left 

By the way, this is nothing new.  When machine time has been difficult 
to get I have resorted to doing this in the past.  I would rather not as 
administering this kind of system is time consuming and I much prefer a 
more laissez faire approach.  But too many folks have asked me for 
stsetch time in the past couple of days.

If you want to use this time please contact me.  The rules are as follows;

1) First come, first served.
2) One four hour slot per request.
3) You must use the time yourself.  If you can't use it, please return 
it to me to give to the next person.
4) I will put the reservation in your name on coral and will contact you 
by email to let you know you have it.

Please let's remember that the etcher is a limited resource and everyone 
needs time on the tool.

Questions?  Just let me know.


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