Comment stsetch2 SNF 2010-06-01 14:48:21: Update

shott at shott at
Tue Jun 1 16:57:11 PDT 2010

Frank Monano from STS worked on the wafer alignment.
The laser that controls the rotation of the carousel was adjusted so that the left end (when facing the machine) is about 1.5 mm closer than it was.  Based on both examination of the backside of wafers in carousel position number 1 and position number 2 as well as observation of the "shadow" of the wafer clamp on the top surface. the alignment is much better than it was.
We unloaded at least 6 wafers in each of the two carousel positions and did not observe any of the wafer sliding in the carousel position that others have observed.  Frank believes that we may have to adjust the position of the reed switch that senses when the pins are fully lifted.  He believes that this switch may be set a bit too low so that the switch engages before the pins are fully up (which triggers the outward motion of the carousel.
We will look at this further tomorrow and will also look at the resettable RF error.  If the chamber needs to be opened,  the top O-ring will be replaced.

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