Comment stsetch2 SNF 2011-08-04 10:23:13: STS2-Water Flow Interlock Problem

mcvittie at mcvittie at
Thu Aug 4 10:23:14 PDT 2011

A flow interlock on the source ICP coil is keeping the system down. The water flow rate is 0.25 GPM and the flow switch setting is also o.25 GPM. There is a good chance our problem is that the flow is too close to the interlock set point. To try and solve the proble, we are going to increase the diameter of plastic tubing which the water flow from the chiler in the basement to the tool. We going from 3/8" to 1/2".   
I am also going to go through the schematics to see were I might be able to directly measure the voltage across the flow switch. 

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