Shutdown stsetch2 SNF 2011-08-03 10:10:19: Software interlocks

mcvittie at mcvittie at
Fri Aug 5 18:50:30 PDT 2011

The chiller for the ICP coil and matching has bad corrosion is some of  the  internal parts ( relief valve and probably the water pump) which has lowered its coolant (water) flow rate.  I was not able to get the flow high enough to flip the flow switch. I did try a new flow switch but it had the same problem. For now I hooked up a 2nd chiller which can put out the needed flow  to turn off the interlock fault so STS2 can be run. 
The corrosion is from flowing DI water through a chiller made of  brass copper internal parts. We are going need to either order  replacement stainless steel parts (relief valve and pump) or send the unit out to have the corroded parts replaced.

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