Comment stsetch2 SNF 2012-05-21 10:51:40: Abbreviated update on STSetch2

mtang at mtang at
Mon May 21 10:51:40 PDT 2012

In brief:  STSetch2 is available to use.  System seems to be operational to pre-Dec. shutdown standards, but is not considered fully qualified.  SOI has not yet been tested.  Please use with caution and report any issues you encounter.
In more details from Jim McV: 
Brand new generator from STS was installed Friday and tested over the weekend:
  a. All processes tested so far have run without Rf faults.
For Std process qualification, I have run the follow test wafers but have only measured the deposition wafers.
   a. Dep only process -- Dep rate within 5% of previous rates
   b. Etch only process at 3 different magnet currents run with large exposed area (94% resist free)
   c. Base line high frequency switched process run with std. low area patterned wafer. 
For processes run so far, the flows, pressure and rf switching (transient reflected power) all look similar to what we were getting before last Dec. Note with the data logging on the tool, it is easy to compare tool parameters to old runs.
Left to do:
  a. Measurement evaluation of wafer run so far
     1. Resist etch rates
     2. Si etch rates for both etch only runs and switched HF trench run.
     3. Selective ratios
  b. Processes still to be tested
     1. Wafer temperature rise for std wafer temperature test process
     2. SOI/Low frequency bias process

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