STS Etch2 Update

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Oct 18 14:44:34 PDT 2006


I worked on the SOI recipe yesterday.  The success of the SOI recipe 
seems to be VERY sensitive to your coil tuning parameters (not so 
much with the Smooth-Shallow recipe).  By changing the tuning value 
by % moved me from a state where the etch plasma extinguished to one 
which was stable.  This tuning sensitivity was observed by STS while 
they were on site.  The copied our log files and carried them back to 
the UK for analysis.  I have not heard anything back from them.

You can use the SOI Template tuning points as a starting position if 
your recipe is having problems.  (By the way who deleted or renamed 
the recipe)  If your recipe has tuning problems you will see a yellow 
fault indicating the coil could not reach set point, if you don't 
stay around to watch the plasma.  The downside is, it's the etch 
cycle which is blinking off.  Your etch rate will be drastically 
reduced, while you are still getting your polymer formation.  Be obserevant.


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