stsetch2 reservations

Mary Tang mtang at
Sat Feb 6 08:01:21 PST 2010

Hi all --

The feedback on proposed reservations policy ranged from keeping it as 
is, using the stsetch1 policy, and having a stricter policy limiting 
time.  So...  for the time being, the reservation policy that is now in 
effect is the same as stsetch1.  It may not be perfect, but should be a 
good starting place.

Thanks to Elmer and John's efforts, it looks like there is good reason 
to believe the system might come up soon.   Many people are anxious to 
use it. We expect everyone to be diligent  in using Coral and the 
stsetch2 at snf mail list to keep each other updated on tool status, need, 
and availability.  If you have made reservations you won't be using, 
make sure to delete them and inform stsetch2 at snf.  If you have a 
pressing need an can't get reservations, let us know.

Thanks for your patience --

Your SNF Staff

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