Update .... stsetch2!!!

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 9 13:49:20 PST 2010

STS Etch Community:

We are pleased to report that stsetch2 has just been returned to 
service.  The final issues related to the heater channels were resolved 
this morning and Pascal Bouvron and Elmer ran a number of test runs to 
both season the system and make sure that it is functioning properly.

While we wish that it did not take as long as it did to resolve these 
issues, we had important support from a variety of folks at STS including:
    Pascal Bouvron - Field Service
    Rich Hunt - Technical Support Manager, Redwood City
    Michael Clarkin - Service Manager North America (in New Hampshire)
    Larry Gering - Field Service
    Philip Waller - Technical Engineer Europe
    Rhys Miles - Software Team Leader (UK)
    Steve Blackwell - Senior Hardware Wizard (UK) (Well, I don't know 
Steve's real job title ....)

All of these folks pitched in with diagnostic, logistics, and 
troubleshooting help.

In particular, Steve Blackwell did a lot of the hardware diagnosis from 
the UK on our now-obsolete MLC9000 controller and actually sent us the 
development hardware from his desk as he has the only remaining MLC9000 
hardware in STS.  Rhys Miles was able to spot .... from the UK mind you 
... that we had a module/wiring problem that needed to be resolved.

Elmer's initial diagnosis of the faulty subsystem was exactly on target 
.... but it took a lot of additional support from STS to pinpoint and 
resolve the exact source of the problems.

We know that a lot of you are anxious to use this tool.  We will caution 
you, however, that we have not taken time to carefully characterize the 
tool following these repairs.  Many of you will want to use test wafers 
in advance of etching important samples and we'd encourage everyone to 
report any process results that they obtain (along with the recipe ran).

Finally, I will also add that stsetch has a new helium backside 
controller that is resulting in nice, stable backside cooling pressures.

Happy etching,


Note:  Because we were close to empty, Mike and Elmer have just switched 
to a new, full cylinder of SF6 so that there will not be any unscheduled 
gas-related downtime in the coming weeks.

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