PlasmaTherm DRIE Discussion

Ed Myers edmyers at
Mon Nov 12 12:46:59 PST 2012


I would like to meet at 10am on Wednesday, Nov. 14th in 317 Spilker to 
discuss the PlasmaTherm DRIE system.  As many of you know the 
PlasmaTherm DRIE system has completed it's acceptance.  This means, it 
is now available for process characterization.  I would like to meet 
with the DRIE community to discuss the process needs for the PlasmaTherm 

Please come to discuss your process challenges on the STS systems and 
what needs to happen on the PlasmaTherm system.  If you know anyone who 
needs DRIE etching, but have not been able to on the STS systems, please 
make sure they are invited.


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