Problem svgcoat 2001-10-09 20:49:25: Prgram 5 (10um, no EBR) will not spin after coating

mbartsch at mbartsch at
Tue Oct 9 08:49:27 PDT 2001

Both last night and tonight I have tried to use program 5 to obtain a 10um non-EBR coating, and on every attempt the coater has fai8led to spin the wafer after putting down the slug of resist.  I have tried every permutation of coater parameters which seems reasonable and consistent with both the way it worked in the past, and with the currently published version of program 4 (my template for 10um resist coating).  When I run prgram 5 as a modified version of program 4 (eliminating wash and post-wash spins and adjusting the 40s spin speed for a 10um coat), the coater seems to stop at the beginning of either step 4 or 5...I have not been able to determine which.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...  EBR is nice, but given the amount of trouble it has caused lately, we should be able to reliably coat wafers without EBR.  Thanks for your help.

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