Comment svgcoat SNF 2006-11-03 20:32:21: PRG#2 and #7 now work

ericp at ericp at
Fri Nov 3 20:32:22 PST 2006

Prg2 and 7 now are working, but the suckback on the 
pump is not working properly.  In prg#2, it's not an issue
since the disp nozzle will be off to the side, but in prg#7,
during the EBR step, it might drip on your wafer.  If you need 
EBR, you can blot the resist from the nozzle after each 
dispense, to prevent drippage. 
Also, the supply line on DISP1 had a leak
near the bottle.  I repaired the leak-  no more 
I think SVGCOAT is narrowed down to a suckback 
problem at this point.

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