Comment svgcoat SNF 2007-01-02 16:02:16: might be the back up battery

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Fri Jan 5 17:20:32 PST 2007

solenoid valves has been changed. Few fuses for  HMDS has
been replaced. Calibrated the hot plates and the spindles.
adjusted the pump flow and reentered all the setting for the 
220-7 controller as they were lost after shut down.
I tested the system for thickness nd uniformity on  1 um  and
1.6 um are with in the spec. 7 um resist thickness is within the spec but the uniformity is not as good as i like it tobe.
FSE will be back on Monday for that, Mario is still in the lab 
working with them.
I will up date the note book on Monday 

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