Problem svgcoat SNF 2007-01-15 15:46:03: HMDS line leak

gsosa at gsosa at
Tue Jun 12 14:09:28 PDT 2007

HMDS Module has been repaired by maintenance and tested by process engineering. The following work has been done.
1. Replaced the vapor prime Nupro Valve
2. Replaced the CPU board and reprogrammed
3. Adjusted belt speed and  rail sensor for wafer centering
4. Adjusted bake cap for vacuum chamber sealing.
5. Measured conact angle on program #1 : ~32 degrees
6. Created program #7( 50 second prime)
7. Measured contact angle on program #7: ~ 48 - 53 Deg.
8. Monitored canister for a week. no sign of leaks or fumes
  Turned system over to engineering for testing. Please see Email from Mahnaz for details. Vapor prime OK to use. 

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