Shutdown svgcoat SNF 2008-10-25 14:40:40: Spin speed motor is dead

gsosa at gsosa at
Mon Oct 27 13:51:33 PDT 2008

Looks like resist migrated into the motor bearings and siezed up the motor. Removed  and cleaned up all components on spindle assembly. Installed new spin motor. Calibrated spindle- calibration OK up to 9.9 KRPM. Installed clean process bowl. Checked and adjusted wafer centering. Checked spin coating and EBR. All looks OK. Thickness tests 3612 1.0 micron: Mean- 10243 A, std dev- 13 A. SPR 955 0.7 micron: mean 6889 A, std dev- 6A  . 3612 1.6 micron: mean 17060 A, std dev 15 A. Front and back EBR looks good. Track operation OK. System ready to use.

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