Problem svgcoat SNF 2009-03-07 02:39:13: 7um user report

jwpchen at jwpchen at
Sat Mar 7 02:39:14 PST 2009

quality greatly improved after fix on 2/25. After resist dispense stroke, one bubble is always visible at center of wafer (happens to both silicon and oxide wafers, so it's not likely a particle on wafer). As rpm ramps up, can observe this single bubble migrate outside radially, leaving a large "comet" track behind. Measured thickness in the comet zone, not always able to get a nanospec reading due to topology slope, got reading from 4um to 10um. Need to overexpose about 25% more than usual to clear the thicker areas reliably, compounded by ongoing developer residue "rings" (humidity?) issue. Good enough for what I need, but YMMV.

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