Problem svgcoat SNF 2009-03-06 14:31:15: 7 um no good

gsosa at gsosa at
Thu Mar 19 13:52:57 PDT 2009

The thick resist process(220-7 resist) is OK to use. The spin quality is greatly improved.  The reisit pump has been replaced. The dispense line size to the dispense arm has been changed to 1/4 inch ID x 3/16/ID and reduced down from the dispense arm to the dispense tip to 3/16 inch OD x 1/8 inch ID. Checked and adjusted suckback amount to ~ 1/32" at maximum rate to create a crisp shutoff of resist. Optimized arm program start dispense position,  speed of arm travel and a delay time to allow the resist to spread. Checked resist thickness- Target: 7.0 Microns, Measured: 72870 Angstroms Ave.( 7.28 microns) , Std Dev: 75 Angstroms ( measured 13 points). All programs in recipe manage have been updated. There is also a new program named " 4 7.0um 200s Bake Backside EBR. This program does backside wash only. It is still advisable to 1) run several dummy wafers prior to processing your work, 2) Clean the nozzle tip with an acetone moistened swab and 3) clean the nozzle between wafers so the tip does not dry out. Please continue to report any issues in Coral

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