Shutdown svgcoat SNF 2010-11-12 09:52:45: Dispense problem

gsosa at gsosa at
Fri Nov 12 14:47:45 PST 2010

Low 3612 resist bottle. Replaced with new bottle. Could not control suckback or purge bubbles out of line. Replaced suckback valve and replumbed S/B valve input from 3 fittings to 1 fittings to reduce leak points. Still no good. Removed syphon tube and ran a solid dispense line into bottle. Still no good. Replaced the resist bottle(exp date 7/10) with a newer batch( expires in 2011). Purged in resist  to remove air bubbles. suckback is steady and no bubbles. Fine tuned suckback amount. Checked spin quality - looks good. 

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