Comment svgcoat SNF 2011-01-13 15:49:37: 220-7 Update 1/13

gsosa at gsosa at
Thu Jan 13 15:49:37 PST 2011

220-7 7.0 micron process released for non- critical layers. Still minor defects of 1 to 3 per wafer but some improvement. Continue to follow cleaning procedures and process a few dummy wafers.
Thickness Results- 
 Target 7.0 Microns-  Mean 72711 A, Std Dev 35 A
220-7 10.0 Micron still needs work. If using for coverage only, please check with clean dummy//test wafers first and use your best judgement.
 Please report and problems in Coral . We will continue to work on the thick resist process.

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