Problem svgcoat SNF 2012-02-28 16:30:30: Update 2/28

gsosa at gsosa at
Mon Mar 5 15:04:46 PST 2012

220-7 resist process released. Note: with the new pivotting dispense arm, it is difficult to clean the nozzle when it is in the home position. this problem is resolved in step #1 of the process program. During the 5k spin in step #1, the nozzle is moved to a position just outside the process area and holds there for 8 seconds. Durning this time, you can easily access the nozzle for cleaning with a green swab. Please ask a litho staff member if you need assistance or a demonstration.
220-7 7.0 micron thickness: Mean-  74555 A, Std Dev 47 A

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