resist on hotplate!

Matt Hopcroft hopcroft at
Fri Dec 15 01:27:23 PST 2000

	I found rings of sticky resist on both hotplates on svgcoat
tonight. The track is unusable.

	I DID NOT find [even one of] the following:

a) a sign posted on the machine to warn members
b) a problem notice on coral
c) an email to the members

	Baking resist on a hotplate happens to everybody once. There is
little shame in that. The shame is in leaving a piece of equipment in a
damaged condition for the next user.

	Clean it up! If you can't clean it up, tell somebody. If you can't
do that, stay out of the lab.


Matt Hopcroft
hopcroft at

PS - the processing staff can advise you on how to coat both sides of a
wafer with resist.

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