Warning prog changed

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 9 16:09:40 PDT 2001

Hello all,

The key pad on the svg coater  (the coater and pre bake panel)  gone mad
and no mater what you do or try to tell it will not follow but of course
is "mad".
All morning and this afternoon it  beeped  with out any one even
touching it.

warning, prog #7 has no wash in it and I can not add any time to the
The track automatically goes to cycle purge and would not stop on 20
purge it keeps purging. Do not turn off and turn on too many times that
will cause other problems. Some one has to shut the second key pad
tonight, I do not want the system go to purge and waste all the resist.
I mean just turned it of from the panel.
Mario ordered the key pad and he will pick it up tomorrow morning. I am
hoping to be in business before lunch.


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