Program Problems...

Michael S. Bartsch mbartsch at Stanford.EDU
Fri Aug 3 11:54:15 PDT 2001


When I went to use coater program 4 (7um of SPR-220) last night, I found
that the program had been altered to coat 10um or more of resist.  So,
this is a friendly reminder: PLEASE do not change any of the parameters of
the SVGCOAT standard programs.  This is a matter of courtesy to other
users who rely on the standard programs to be just that...standard.  
Before you edit a program, please double-check the instructions at the
coater to be sure you are not making changes to a standard program.  If
you are using standard programs to coat your wafers, try to check for the
correct settings before you run your wafers - this will save you (and the
users after you) the trouble of stripping, re-coating, and re-exposing
your wafers after an unexpected non-standard coating.


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