Processing of Elastomer Materials

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Mon Aug 13 13:24:24 PDT 2001

Hi Stefan --

I work a lot with elastomers.  Elastomer materials should NOT be used on
svgcoat -- silicone elastomers CANNOT be removed with acetone -- so please
don't even think about it.  Technically, elastomers are not allowed in the
lab.  There are some instances where it may be safe to use, without
jeopardizing equipment and other peoples' devices (ie, after curing.)  There
are some things set up outside the lab for use of elastomers.  The best way
to process elastomers is to cast and cure them on micromachined molds (ie,
patterned photoresist on silicon or DRIE etched silicon.)  I've got some
protocols on how to use it (and have not posted them on the web yet.)  Please
come and talk with me if you are interested in this.


Stefan Zappe wrote:

> Hi,
> does anyone have experiences with spinning and processing (patterning)
> elastomer materials (like 182 Silicone Elastomer from Dow Corning).
> Are there any elastomer materials already used (and eventually available)
> in the cleanroom ?
> Would it be possible to deposit metal onto elastomer materials ?
> Thank you for any hint,
> Stefan
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