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Tue Jan 16 16:41:35 PST 2001

I will be glad to do my yearly talk, will focus on critical and noncritical
i-line. I am sure we will get into the use of glass substrates as it
relates to Fiber optics as well. Plan to spend 60 minutes on the resist and
as usual hr or so on the resist processing with IC labs  industrial

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Hello all,

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Frank Yaghmaie of Shiply has
accepted to give a talk in the area of i-line resist. I have expressed more
and more lab members are using glass and quartz wafers and he will talk
about different method like, FSC, face shield coverage and the benefit of
dye in the resist.

                            The talk will be on
                       Friday February 2nd. at 2 pm
                              Auditorium 101x


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