Suggestion RE: Photoresist lifting problems

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Fri Jan 11 09:42:38 PST 2002

On Jan 10, 2002 6:50:18 PM Pascal (pzwahlen at said:

>Many users have experienced PR delamination during the development 
>for wafers coated on Thursday Jan 10th. Problem could come from a 
>bad lot of PR or bad temperature and humidity in the cleanroom.
>Wafers that I coated on Tuesday night, had no problem during 
>development but very bad delamination during wet etching (BOE). In 
>this case I was thinking that the problem might rather come from bad 
>HMDS priming. I should have more results to discuss about tomorrow 
>evening. You can contact me for more inputs then.

This is not the first time we have had this sort of problem. In the 
future I think it would benefit us all if at the first sign of 
lifting resist (at etch, or at svgdev) the person who has the problem 
immediately sends a message to: svgcoat at This way we 
would all be alerted to watch out. I think we should start using 
these equipment user addresses as a forum on equipment issues. Most 
people do not get the shutdown and problem messages sent through 
coral, and it appears we cannot count on staff to send out messages 
of this sort.

This message would also short cut the "it must be a problem with your 
wafers" response we all get. We could save ourselves hours of time 
trying to figure out what we did wrong with our processing when, in 
fact, it is an equipment problem.

You can count the time spent composing and sending the message as 
"community service" : )

Let me know what you all think about this (I am glad my resist lifted 
at svgdev and not in the BOE tank!).


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