HEPA air shutdown in litho area week of 3/16

Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Mar 10 17:48:10 PST 2003

Litho users,

I have just learned that the cooling tower at the co-gen plant which
services our humidity control system for litho will shutdown for an
annual, week long maintenance starting Monday, 3/16 at midnight and
continuing through Friday, 3/21 until  noon. This shutdown will affect
our dehumidifying abilities. Recently the the humidity controls have
been calling for more water to be added to reach the 45% set point. If
the outside air remains dry, then we will have humidity control during
this shutdown. If the outside air turns humid, then the lab air humidity
will increase. This increase will affect  the PR quality from the SVG
coater and resolution on the Nikon body 4, the Ultratechs, the Susses,
and the EVG aligner.

Sorry about the shutdown and thanks for your patience,


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