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Tue Feb 17 11:38:22 PST 2004

Here is what I find annoying in the litho room:  I have the coater enabled,
I am running test wafers, etc. I have to leave the coater for a few minutes,
when I return someone else is using it, usually with it still enabled in my
name. If the coater or developer (this is the worst one for things like this
happening, because I am usually exposing one wafer while the other one
is being developed so I am not standing right there by the developer) is
enabled by someone and you need to use it at LEAST make some effort to
find the person who has it enabled to make sure they are done. It is
especially annoying when someone changes the program in the middle
of what I am doing.

Things like this happen at the wet benches as well. Someone will just
walk up and plunk their wafers in a hot pot when the bench is enabled
by someone else. Often times there is a queue, which that person totally
ignores, or someone has just changed the chemicals and is returning
the acid cart, when they get back they find someone else's wafers in
their clean acid.

A large part of this problem has to do with people NOT disabling
equipment when they finish. I find the coater, developer, and wet
benches left enabled by people who have left the labs hours before.
This just compounds the problem.


>Finally, I know it's awfully tempting to use svgcoat for "just one
>wafer" when some one else has it enabled.  Granted, on some tools, it's
>the only way to operate (i.e., wbnonmetal.)  However, for svgcoat, each
>of us should enable it in our own name.  Understand that, whatever the
>circumstances, the person who has a tool enabled is completely
>responsible for it during their enable time --  i.e., you are
>responsible even for OTHER people's use of the tool, if it's under YOUR
>login.  (At least this is what we go by, unless someone can come up with
>a better system...)
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