Resist spill

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Oct 12 16:34:41 PDT 2004

Sigh...   I really don't like writing these notes, but here goes...  It 
appears that someone was trying to pour resist inside the Flammables 
cabinet.  Yes, INSIDE the cabinet.  There's resist (or some other nicely 
orange compound) in the channels of the top shelf, dripping into the 
channels on the second shelf, and with a nice, rather blood-like looking 
stain all over the bottom of the cabinet.  There are even a nice set of 
glove prints on the front and back of the cabinet doors.  (Goodness, 
it's almost like a murder scene!)  To the best of our knowledge, this 
appears to have occurred last Thursday night or early Friday morning.  
Does anyone have more information that you might be willing to share?  
Better yet, would anyone care to own up to this, take responsibility for 
making a mistake?  I should add that the flammables cabinets are only 
slightly exhausted as they are designed for storage -- they are NOT 
designed for chemical handling and so do not have adequate exhaust for 
pouring solvents.  In fact, there is not adequate exhaust even for us to 
clean it up without evacuating the immediate area and donning SCBA's.  
So, unfortunately, until we can schedule it, the cabinet will remain 

This is the part I don't like...  the threats...  .It seems that the 
person who did this is unaware of these hazards.  If that person is 
willing to take responsibility, we will retrain on chemical handling.  
If no one steps forward, then I'll reserve the right to impose the 
favored penalty on everyone who was in the lab that evening:  a question 
for the safety test...


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