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mike martinez martinez at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Jun 20 13:01:22 PDT 2005

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Subject: 	SVG COat track # 1 shutdown
Date: 	Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:10:55 -0700
From: 	Eddy VIlanova <Vilanova at snf.stanford.edu>
To: 	rcrane at snf.stanford.edu, mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu, 
martinez at snf.stanford.edu

Just want to let you all know that On thursday 6/23/05  ( between 10:00  
to 14:00 )  we are going toshutdown the svg coat # 1to replace  the HMDS 
hot plate controller it will take 4 hours. Let me know if  there's a 
problem with the date and time.
                                                              Mario V.

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