Staff changes

Dick Crane rcrane at
Thu Feb 2 13:42:19 PST 2006

Dear litho users,

We want to let you know that Mike Martinez has resigned, effective 
Wednesday, February 1. As many of you may already know, Mike has been 
planning to leave for some time now, in order to spend more time to 
develop his videography business. Opportunities and circumstances have 
worked together such that he is leaving a few months earlier than 
anticipated. Unfortunately, Mike’s mother suffered a fall and he is 
taking time to be with her this week. We had hoped to offer him a proper 
“farewell”, but it appears he won’t be able to leave her soon.

Please join me in wishing the best to Mike and good wishes in his 
venture. I am sure Mike would want to let everyone know that he has 
appreciated his time here and that if anyone has a need for videographer 
services (weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday, etc.), that his company is 
ready and available.

Please also bear with us as we attempt to cover the lithography area in 
Mike’s absence. Mario is holding up magnificently, but he is still the 
sole maintenance staff in this area. (Please do be conscientious in your 
use of equipment and clean up after yourself.) And if you happen to know 
of anyone with experience in equipment engineering in the 
photolithography area, ideally with an emphasis on electronics, please 
do send them our way (a job posting is due out very soon!)



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