HMDS up date

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Thu May 24 12:54:08 PDT 2007

Hello all,

Gary and Mario has been working on HMDS tracks in early mornings but 
since we have no historical data on the contact angle of the HMDS, and 
then the mis behaviour of the track we are trying to establish some 
ground rule.  here is what we have
The original prime recipe ( prog 1 ) contact angle  from the track  is 
about 35 to 38 degree since we noticed the problem. Last week I tested 
the system  with si and 38 degree of contact angle and the result  was 
We have created a second program  for Prime ( prog 7)  which gives us   
about 50 degree.
Readings are Top 51 degree
Middle 48
Flat 50.8
R  45
L  47

Prime  Recipe  7

Operation             time
Bake                     10.0
*Prime                    25.0*
Bake                     10.0
*Prime                    25.0*
Bake                     10.0
Cool                     5.0

I will test  both prime station on both tracks next Wednesday  when I 
will be back from a mini get away.  I will check the system with Si, 
Oxide and Al  wafers and if we see that we need to change the prime 
program to program 7, then we will make all the appropriate changes and 
will communicate accordingly.

*Please use the YES oven till then.*


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