Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 5 08:45:03 PDT 2010


We found wafers with resist on it that is not baked in the  dummy box. 
Never mind that the box is all contaminated, this is a health hazard.
Even if we assume that something went wrong on the track;  simply you 
could have put the wafer in the ziplog bag and dispose of it in the 
hazardous bin next to the tool.

I like to remind every one this kind of careless behavior would not do 
any one any good.
Every morning few hours of staff is taken to undo things that do not 
make sense at all like the one mentioned above, pick up used gloves of 
the tables,  pick up trash from floor
  and tidy up the litho boxes and solvent bench. fill up all the bottles 
and many many other  things...

Pleas take ownership and correct the ones that they are not following 
the basic rules of the lab.


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