[Svgcoat] Coral thickness plotting in 2011

Jason Matthew Parker jaypark at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 4 16:36:24 PST 2011

Dear svgcoat users,

Late in 2010, SNF staff implemented a way to view svgcoat process qualification data in Coral.

If you are interested in checking this data now as the lab comes back up or in the future, please review the "Process Monitoring" section of the coat tracks on the Wiki:


Note this is newly implemented and data from 2010 will not all be online. The intent is to have the the values updated biweekly at a minimum and weekly if all goes smoothly. The usual Excel process monitoring tables will continue to exist in the in-lab binder and uploaded as described in the Wiki.

In case you don't want to use the Wiki link above, the cliff notes version of plotting these results is:
(1) select a coat track,
(2) select "Process Actions" (3rd tab) and "Display run data,"
(3) choose "Qualification."

Please contact the litho team if you have feedback or suggestions if there's a way this could better suit your needs.

-Litho team

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