Problem svgcoat2 SNF 2006-11-04 08:28:33: Moving from shutdown to problem condition.

shott at shott at
Sat Nov 4 08:28:34 PST 2006

Based on the following message from ericp, I'm moving
this equipment status from shutdown to problem.  The
tool still has some significant issues so please proceed very
carefully and, at the very least, carefully run test wafers before
doing anything else.
Eric wrote:
I found several problems:
One of the roller bearings on the main track was
out of alignment.  This means that the spindle cannot
reach (and seal vacuum with) the wafer when it comes up
to meet.  I put the bearing back on track.
Also, the vacuum sensor is really in bad shape.  It looks
like it has been sprayed too much with solvent, and
the buttons are therefore "welded" in place, and the display
is crazed so it's difficult to read.  It's working ok at this
moment, but we should probably have a new one
(or five) on order.
Also, I think the chuck may have been loose on the
spindle, but I don't know for sure.  In any case,
I re-seated it.
It's still shutdown, so I can't fully test it, but in manual
mode, at least it can grab a wafer, pull vacuum,
spin it, dispense, and release it.  I think it can safely go to
yellow for further testing.

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