Problem svgcoat2 SNF 2010-10-11 17:44:32: streaks and discoloration

yeh at yeh at
Mon Oct 11 17:44:33 PDT 2010

ran program 5 1.0um 955 w/o vp, 2mm ebr this morning.  wafers had streaks and spots of discoloration that was not radial.  The streaks formed a swirling circular pattern about the center of the wafer.  The streaks/discoloration causes features to blow out to ~2x its normal size.
These wafers went through wbnonmetal resist strip and yesprime prior to svgcoat2.  The surface is LPCVD poly.  There are no visible particles/residue on the front/back sides of wafers.  Front side was inspected at low mag in dark field.
re-worked one of the wafers and tried again.  no problems the second time.  

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