Shutdown svgcoat2 SNF 2010-09-17 07:50:11: Working on 3612

gsosa at gsosa at
Fri Sep 17 16:38:37 PDT 2010

Checked and replaced transition dispense tube from dispense arm to dispense head- still bubbles in dispense tube. Noyiced large bubbles from dip tube out of  resist bottle to pump input. Replaced dip tube and ran a continuous tube from bottle to pump input with no transition fittings. Still getting bubbles out of resist bottle. Replaced resist bottle with a new lot # of 3612. Now no more large bubbles from resist bottle. Adjusted pump stoke travel, stroke speed and suckback. Dispense shows improvement but still may develop a drip at the dispense nozzle. We are still planning on replacing the resist pump. Please clean the nozzle tip and run 2 or 3 dummy wafers prior to commiting your wafers. Purged pump 3  and checked 955 0.7 resist. Spin quality looks good. 3 and 4 micron also OK. 
 3612 Thickness results:
 Target 1.0um- Mean : 10234 A, Std Dev: 20 A
 Target 1.6um- Mean : 17029 A, Std Dev: 18A  

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