Comment svgcoat2 SNF 2010-09-21 15:12:41: 3612 Status 9/21

gsosa at gsosa at
Tue Sep 21 15:12:42 PDT 2010

Replaced resist pump for 3612 resist with rebuilt pump. Tested with acetone and checked for leaks- OK. Purged in 3612 resist. Adjusted pump stoke length and speed for smooth operation. Checked and adjusted suckback volume and speed. Tested 1.0 and 1.6 micron thickness-OK. Top and bottom EBR look good. 
  Thickness results
 Target: 1.0um  Mean: 10277A  Std Dev: 14A
 Target: 1.6um  Mean: 17020A  Std Dev: 15A

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