Comment svgcoat2 SNF 2011-12-03 13:36:06: What happened to the "2" recipes?

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Sat Dec 3 14:42:12 PST 2011

Hi Linda,

Due to particle issues on asml while back we moved 955-.7 resist from 
front track to back track and we took all the recipes without
The EBR off. It has been more than 6 or 7 months.  There are recipes on 
front track but you need to prime on track 2 and move it to track one, 
If something you urgently need we will work with you on Monday.
I hope this helps.

On 12/3/2011 1:36 PM, lindaw at wrote:
> Why can I no longer vapor prime and spin 1.0 or 1.6 um 3612 without EBR on track2????  Where did the recipes go????WTF???

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