resist on hot plate

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Thu Oct 23 08:59:58 PDT 2003

Hello all,

We have found great amount of resist  on prime hot plates and soft bake
plates on SVG coater since Monday of this week. On Tuesday we start
noticing it on hot plate of developers as well (why).
I can start my detective work and pretty much track it down to few users
( I am pretty good at this) To save me the time and the headache. Can
some one tell me what is going on? Is there a training issue here? Is
some body out there confused which side is the resist side of the wafers
( dummies) and running them up side down.
Any body out there has any ideas, who is doing this?
When resist gets in to vacuum holes of the hot plates is very damaging
and costly to the system.

Three of us (Mario, Mike and I ) are quiet frustrated with this.


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