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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 6 16:18:24 PST 2006

Hello all,

I like to thank you all of you for your patience and understanding.
Here is what we have done on both system.

The issue with particles in the center of the wafers are resolved, the 
back EBR  had not work for a while that problem has been resolved and .  
We have adjusted the air presser so when you notice something different 
it is critical to note that. All the programs are up and thickness has 
been checked today by Uija.
We are still facing some intermittent problem as I have had a perfect 
uniformity for 1 um and 1.6 um on Friday. This morning the uniformity 
was bad and suck back was totally out of order; all of these has been 
corrected and I need to ask you all please do not adjust the settings.
I had send out a note on FRiday  and put a note on the system that due 
to some problems please DO NOT RUN program 2, some one did and ...
Please read notes that intended to communicate with you.


I did not send out an email on Friday because the coral would have  
error out and most likely no one would have gotten the email any way,  
John has fixed the problem and we can comment on  the system.
Mario has centered the chuck and adjusted the suck back and dispense 
rate. We still see intermittent problems and  flaky switches that few of 
you have reported after the fix over the weekend.
Most programs are tested and looks ok.

Intermittent problems are hard to deal with especially with sensitive 
equipment  like SVG that there are many little things to adjust so let  
Coral and mario and I know what is wrong and we will look into it.
Jim Haydon has been helping out with the tracks a thank you note is much 

We have ordered  spare valve, vacuum switches and 3 way drain valve for 
front EBR. As soon as we get these parts we will install them and 
hopefully we will get some  permanent relief.
Please forward your suggestion to me or Mary.

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