[svgcoat2] SPR 955-0.7 Resist Restriction

Gary J Sosa gsosa at stanford.edu
Tue Oct 29 13:35:56 PDT 2013

Hello SVG Users.. 

The process restriction for SPR 955-0.7 has been lifted. We received another bottle of resist today. All affected process programs have been activated. 

Regards... The Litho Team 

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Subject: SPR 955-0.7 Resist Restriction 

Hi All SVG Users 

We have disabled all recipes that use SPR 955-0.7 Photo resist. We need to reserve the remaining resist for an important project starting on Monday(10/28). We are making extra efforts to expedite another bottle of resist and will keep you posted on its expected delivery. Our sincere apologies to all those concerned for this inconvenience. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding 

The Litho Team 

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