Problem svgdev 2003-05-04 18:17:34: Report Problem for svgdev

Sharleen Beckwith beckwith at
Mon May 5 11:11:01 PDT 2003

At 6:17 AM -0700 5/4/03, erics at wrote:

>whenever I develop SPR220-7 ~7um I notice that the first puddle does 
>not cover the whole wafer surface. I imagine that many people that 
>use this recipe are haveing the same problem because I notice it 
>every time I run the program. I have quickly talked to Mike M. about 
>it but am not sure if he relayed the information. It seems to me to 
>be related to a surface tension effect. I think that if there was a 
>light water spray before the first develop puddle it would break the 
>surface tension and relieve the problem.

I have seem this problem also. I usually take a swab and carefully 
push the developer around on the wafer until it is completely 
covered. Low tech, but it works.


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