Comment svgdev SNF 2010-09-29 15:19:30: Hotplate Temperature Verification 09/29

gsosa at gsosa at
Wed Sep 29 15:19:30 PDT 2010

Verified hotplate temperatures on both developer tracks with the following results:
  Target temperature set at 110 Deg. C.
    Measured Temperature-
       Developer #2(Front):  110.2 Deg C.  Uniformity: 0.23%
       Developer #1(Back):  109.9 Deg C. Uniformity: 0.23%
Used a thermocouple wafer to measure the target temperature at the center of the hotplate. Used a surface contact thermometer to measure the hotplate uniformity .  Both hotplates are within <.5 degrees of setpoint and within .3 degrees of each-other. 

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