Litho cassette

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Fri Aug 3 07:16:59 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I have received numerous complains from lab members and staff regarding 
not having cassettes available in the Litho area.
I should have 13 blue boxes with teflon cassette in them in the litho 
area  AT LEAST.

Here is the deal, If you have stored your wafers in litho box,  better 
hurry up and release the box .
I will look for them at 8 Am today ( 8/3)  and I intend to have the 13 
box on the shelf by 8:30 am today so better hurry up.

Now that Uija is gone staff could use  a little help, for me to come in 
at 6 am to take care of matters like this, is not very productive use of 
 my time , is it?

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