Discontinuation of LDD26W

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 16 11:20:34 PDT 2008

Hello all,

The Environmental  Protection Agency ( EPA) began regulating the use 
of    *Perfluoroalkyl sulfonates *  and more specific to us,  
perfluorooctyl sulfonates. What does all this mean?   Roham & Hass ( 
Shipley) will not make or deliver any Ldd26W ( our developer)  that we 
use with 3612 resist which contain this chemical by *January of 2009.* 
This means that December will be the last of the shipment of the developer.

I like to switch even earlier if would be possible.

I have started running experiment with other developers and that will 
take some time for me. I am running the process side by side and then do 
SEM and then repeat it one more time to prove that all is under control.

*I have created a recipe   #8    on SVGDEV2 for me  please leave it 
alone so I do not have to program it every time.
I am trying to do this as efficiently and quickly  as  possible and 
share the information with you so  you have enough time to   confirm the 
change  for yourself . I am sure that the change will most likely be   
transparent to your process.
The dead line I have given my self would be till September and if all 
goes well then you will have enough time to confirm that for your self 
if you choose to.
If you have concerns/suggestions or have some extra time  that you can 
put toward community service, let Mary or I know and we will put that 
toward a good use.

My apology for sending out duplicate emails.


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