Shutdown svgdev2 SNF 2008-06-05 16:46:08: Spindle noise

gsosa at gsosa at
Wed Jun 11 17:19:24 PDT 2008

Spin motor replaced and spindle housing rebuilt. No more loud spindle noise but motor would not calibrate. Re-verified the CPU and IO  boardswere good by testing them in the back track- All OK. Replaced spin motor driver transister, replaced encoder sensor- still same problem. Checked +30 volts for motor- OK at +30 VDC. Checked analog 5 volts- was 4.5 volts. Replaced voltage regulator- now 4.98 volts. Still calibration issues. Checked and cleaned connectors at bottom of card cage- there is some improvement. Spindle calibrates to 7100+ RPMs. This is OK- Max program speed on developer track is 5K. Reprogrammed system and tested with dummies. Fine tuned critical option selects for wafer handling. Track appears to be running OK. Suspect a marginal connection possibly in connectors at bottom of cardcage, or on mother board. Will continue to investigate. Track OK to run. Please verify programs before running and report any problems in coral.

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